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Rediffusion’s latest campaign for Punjab Police urges citizens not to ‘drink and drive’

The Punjab Police earlier today released a 5-minute video on all their social media handles urging citizens, especially youth not to ‘drink and drive’. The video has been ideated and created by the Rediffusion Mumbai creative team led by Pramod Sharma. The video has been shot and produced by Sumeet Malhotra of Bombaiyya Films.

The video is formatted as a social experiment film where a single mother is being interviewed supposedly for a documentary. Her son, unknown to her, is made to sit in the adjacent room and is made to view the live stream of his mother answering the questions.

The questions are direct and very personal. The mother answers each one of them honestly, and is very practical and balanced in her answers. The interview seems to be following a very predictable kind of path till the interviewer asks the mother if the son drinks. The mother is a bit taken aback, but confidently says no. The interviewer persists. The lady gets somewhat heckled. The interviewer then wants to know what if the son were to lose a kidney to a bad drinking habit. The mother does not get angry. She, without batting an eyelid, just matter-of-factly tells him that if ever such an eventuality were to come about, she would donate her kidney to the son because the son is her everything. And I am his mother. The son in the adjoining room cannot resist the tears welling up in his eyes, and trots across to tightly hug the mother in the next room.

Pramod Sharma

“It is an emotional film but it is very real. We sometimes underestimate the love and trust parents have for us children. This video is very candid. It covers a lot of incisive insights about the parent-child relationship and how offsprings can sometimes betray the faith and trust that resides so deep in the parent’s heart. But the video stops short of any pulpit talk; just merely states that for the sake of your family, their love and their trust, don’t drink and drive”, says Pramod Sharma, creative chief at Rediffusion Mumbai.

Adds Kalyani Srivastava, head of Rediffusion Mumbai, “This is a simple but touching New Year message from the Punjab Police. No pontification. Just a dramatic portrayal of a mother’s love, and that is infinitely powerful”.

Rediffusion has been working with the Punjab Police for nearly two years now, including many campaigns during the pandemic.


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