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Nike Unveils Enchanting Winter Wear Testing Facility in Latest Ad Film in China

As a part of its initiative to underscore the multifaceted benefits of their winter jackets under the theme ‘More Than Warmth,’ Nike has introduced a fresh campaign in China. Crafted by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai and directed by Henry Scholfield through the international production studio HAMLET, the campaign aims to raise awareness.

The enchanting one-minute cinematic sequence unfolds in a magical realm, housing a team of eccentric researchers wholly devoted to the pursuit of warmth. Within this fantastical world, these enthusiasts rigorously test the Nike Winter Collection, celebrating their scientific triumphs as each garment surpasses every evaluation.

Every segment of the film draws inspiration from distinct attributes of the jackets, providing an elaborate display of features such as warmth, breathability, waterproofing, and lightweight design. The narrative crescendos into a genuine product demonstration, showcasing the prowess of the Nike Winter Collection.

“To truly test the warmest products, we had to create an entire world of cold; and in it, innovators who are obsessed with warmth. Creating the tests and building this world was such a fun and creative process,” said Zhong How, Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director.

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Associate Creative Director Ruby Li added: “To pair the magical visuals of the film, we needed to bring something extra to the ears. Something simple yet quirky like “Dibby-Dibby!” that helps set an inviting tone for the film.”

Henry Scholfield, Director said: “Each test, and the base concept of the experimental designs was conceived around the principles of ‘what if’ and ‘why nots’… a lot of sideways logic but in the end there is a reason for everything (we promise!). Real pleasure for me to get to work with the very talented creative crew at W+K Shanghai.”

Yimeng Zhang, Managing Partner and Executive Producer of Hamlet China added: “It’s not every day that a creative brief this unique comes along. Upon reading the script, Henry immediately struck me as the perfect director to make this magical idea come to fruition.

The biggest challenge presented to us was to define the parameters of “magical realism” when conceiving and crafting the magical world. I think the final result mastered it in an excellent way, it’s literally a mini “popcorn movie” one will immediately warm to (pun intended).”


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