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News18 Lokmat announces its dominance over ABP Majha in a print campaign

News18 Lokmat has launched a print ad campaign to showcase its dominance in the Marathi news segment. The page one ad campaign launched in Wednesday’s Lokmat newspaper highlights News18 Lokmat’s lead over ABP Majha. The illustrated data shows that News18 Lokmat has captured 20% market share, with a significant lead over ABP Majha, which captured 17% market share. (Source: BARC | Market: Mumbai | Period: Wk 35’23| Audience: All 23+ | Metric: Market share%)

The targeted campaign with a striking creative crowns the channel as ‘Mumbai’s King of the News’ and reiterates News18 Lokmat’s prominence in the Marathi news segment with a high impact. News18 Lokmat has consistently maintained its dominant position in the Marathi news segment.

The channel has consistently outperformed its competitors on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. News18 Lokmat’s website stands at the forefront, setting a benchmark in the segment with its viewership figures. By capitalizing on engaged viewership, bolstered by top prime time anchors such as Vilas Bade, Milind Bhagwat, Vishal Pardeshi, Suvarna Joshi and Shweta Vadke, News18 Lokmat aims to grow its market share, elevate brand perception and forge a deeper advertiser connection on the back of its increasing visibility.


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