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Fortune Foods Releases Pet Pujo 2022 Commercial: Harks Back to the Good Old Times of Durga Pujo Celebration

Fortune Foods released its next Durga Pujo campaign in 2022 on the 24th of September ‘22, as part of its yearly ‘Pet Pujo’ series that started in 2017. It celebrates the love for food and the essence of the festival through the lens of a person reuniting with their friends and family after two years of being stranded away from home. The campaign, conceptualised by Social Beat, will run from the onset of Pujo till Dashami. Through this series, Fortune seeks to communicate with its audience on relatable grounds as they stir emotion by tastefully displaying the smallest nuances of how Bengalis celebrate Durga Pujo. It intends to not only empathise with Bengalis returning to their homeland but also capture the happiness of their loved ones upon their return.

Durga Puja, now a UNESCO world heritage title, becomes the first Asian festival to receive this prestigious recognition. It has left a mark on the world and has made its way to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This year, as Bengalis await the ‘Sarbojanin’ (the-all-embracing) Durga Puja with bated breath, Fortune Foods tries to capture Bengalis reminiscing and reliving even the smallest of moments as they used to during Pujo.

“With the farewell of the two-year-long travel restrictions, for us, Homecoming became the concept of Fortune’s Pet Pujo this year. We saw this as an opportunity to celebrate traditions and bring alive the food culture prevalent during the Pujo festival. The classic dishes- from muri ghonto to shokto, from shorshe pabda to mutton kosha, and much more- are incomplete if it’s not made at home. So, this pujo, Fortune celebrates the homecoming of a bandhu who wants to relive the festivities and the food just like good old times.”, added Panisa Shah, Director – Creative, Social Beat.

In this commercial, the characters are seen celebrating the festival as the story captures all the things the quintessential Bengali indulges in. From hopping pandals together on one scooter to enjoying the bhog and lip-smacking home-cooked delicacies together, Fortune’s 2022 ‘Pet Pujo’ campaign celebrates the food, the warmth and the coming together of Bengalis.

Furthermore, the making of the campaign allowed a deep exploration and understanding of the culture to the minds behind it. Exhibiting the love for food, Fortune once again cooks up a delicious story amid pujo celebrations which makes the people of Bengal feel an instant connection in their hearts.

“We, as a brand, always try communicating with the people through relatable content that they can really connect with and feel attached to. And the Pet Pujo 2022 campaign was special as this time Durga Puja would be just like old times when there were no pandemic restrictions. Seeing the campaign come together so beautifully with the messages and everything, just feels complete.”, added Sanjay Adesara – Head Media & Digital, Adani Wilmar Limited.


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