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F5 Shanghai unveils campaign for Ali Baba Group and WWF highlighting the ocean pollution caused by disposable face masks

In an attempt of shedding light on the increasing ocean pollution caused by disposable face masks, Alibaba Group, being one of the largest sellers of disposable face masks, has partnered WWF for a campaign conceptualised and executed by F5 Shanghai to generate more awareness about the issue.

The campaign includes an event titled “Fading Sea Creatures”, a shocking live performance by emerging artist Qiurui Du. The performance focused on jellyfish, the world’s most resilient sea creature, to convey the message of how even the oldest animal on earth that survived calamities, mass extinctions, and outlived dinosaurs, may soon fall to the consequences of mask pollution.

The performance featured Qiurui’s jellyfish painting which was on canvas made entirely out of disposable face masks. The painting was made with hydrochromic paint, which disappeared when the mask canvas was submerged underwater. The jellyfish painting reappeared when the mask canvas was removed from the water, conveying the message of how life will return to our seas when we remove the presence of masks from our oceans.

Speaking about the conceptualisation of the campaign, Sarah de Joya, Regional Creative Lead at F5 Shanghai, said, “The campaign has been specifically tailored to startle via an emotional angle. The past year has been challenging for everyone, including Mother Earth, so the team wanted to clearly communicate to the world the importance of protecting the environment, the seas, and all that live in it.

Client: Alibaba Group
Spot: “Fading Sea Creatures”
Agency: F5 Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Adams Fan
Regional Creative Lead: Sarah de Joya
Creative Group Head: Kelvin Co
Public Relations Head: Pan Gu

– Mehnaz Ali


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