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Coca-Cola unveils World’s First Drinkable Advertising Campaign

Coca Cola says, “next time you’re thirsty drink an ad!”

Coca Cola and Ogilvy & Mather created entire advertising campaign called “You Don’t Know Zero ‘Til You’ve Tried it.” that you can actually drink, whether it’s on TV, Magazine, print ads, billboards or even on radio!

The campaign included a billboard, TV ads, flyers, games, and stunts that resulted in guests receiving either samples of Coke Zero or a coupon for a free bottle. At the event’s March Madness Music Festival, the brand installed a 26- by 36-foot ‘drinkable billboard’. The gigantic billboard featured 4,500 feet of tubing spelling out ‘Taste It’. A pumping system transported Coke Zero from a giant contour bottle through the tubing and down to a sampling station on the ground, making for a nice visual sampling experience.  And Coca-Cola didn’t want to leave out the fans who were watching the games at home. So the brand turned to multi-platform interactive advertising.

A TV ad was aired that encouraged viewers to use the mobile app Shazam. An image on the app appeared to show Coke Zero being poured from a bottle on their TVs into a glass on their mobile devices. Once the glass was full, the app unveiled a mobile coupon redeemable for a free 20-ounce bottle of Coke Zero at participating retailers.

A similar Shazam-activated video also displayed on screens both in the stadium itself and during the Coke Zero Countdown Concert at White River State Park. And at the concert, the brand challenged fans of opposing Final Four teams to see who could finish a virtual bottle of Coke Zero the quickest.  The virtual bottles appeared on digital screens near the stage and the contestants used the microphones on their smartphones as a straw to “drink” the soda. 

The Shazam-activated ads were also rolled out in kiosks at a nearby Indianapolis mall and “drinkable flyers” were handed out that included coupons and an embedded straw. This ‘drinkable advertising’ approach is a great way of removing barriers between consumer and product and eliminating the lag between advert and trial. 


A few of the other elements of Coke Zeros Drinkable Campaign included:

Drinkable Stadium HD Video Boards that played video content live in the stadium. The Video Board offered viewers a chance to receive a coupon for a free Coke Zero on their mobile.

Drinkable Flyers. Flyers that became an innovative straw for drinking your Coke Zero at an event. The flyers also featured a coupon for a Coke Zero.

Drinkable Challenge at Coke Zero Countdown Concert which asked opposing fans from the final four teams to compete to see who can finish their bottle of Coke first, competitors had to use the microphone in their smartphone as a straw in order to complete this task. The winner of the competition earned their teams fans a Coke Zero.


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