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Agromatic Nutrifoods Launches Range of High-Protein Vegetarian Meat Under Brand ‘LetzVez’

Agromatic Nutrifoods, a food technology company and one of India’s leading sellers of spices, has now announced its foray into the alternative protein segment with the launch of a new plant-based meat brand ‘LetzVez’. The brand aligns with the company’s philosophy of offering high-quality, healthy, authentic food products to consumers that not just nourish their taste buds but also their bodies. 

In the initial phase of launch, the company has introduced six products, namely Kebabz, Keemah, Nuggetz, Pattiez, Popz, and Sausez. The entire range is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, while being rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Unlike conventional meat products, LetzVez plant-based meat is completely free from trans-fats and cholesterol, making it a healthier protein alternative for everyone.

Produced using the latest high moisture extrusion technology, the products have been developed after years of extensive R&D undertaken by a dedicated team of food scientists and experts.

On the launch, Vishal Baid Jain, Managing Director, Agromatic Nutrifoods Pvt Ltd, said, “Coming from a vegetarian family, I never tasted meat in my life. Most of my co-founders are also vegetarians, and therefore, when we first heard about plant-based meat, we felt it doesn’t fit into our ideology. However, it struck us that this product segment could actually help non-vegetarians and flexitarians to quit meat. The idea felt revolutionary because through one product, we had the power to not only help people make ethical and healthier food choices, but also protect the environment – all without compromising on taste!”

“Through LetzVez, we want to cater to consumers looking for tastier and healthier protein-rich products. Considering that a large chunk of Indian population is vegetarian, we want to widen their options by offering them a delicious range of innovative products,” he added.

The LetzVez range comes in frozen, ready-to-cook format, and takes only a few minutes to prepare. The products are priced at a range of INR350 to INR 595, and are currently available in Bengaluru. To buy, visit www.letzvez.com.


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