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SleepyCat unveils new campaign featuring Vir Das

SleepyCat has launched its all-new campaign for the Ultima Mattress with stand-up comedian and actor Vir Das. In true Vir Das spirit, the campaign highlights the superlative features of the product through a quirky representation of what comfort truly looks and feels like, with the UItima Mattress.

The campaign kicks off with Vir Das sound asleep in a luxurious igloo, snuggling in the lap of comfort, alluding to the cooling element of the mattress. Suddenly Vir is brought back to reality and finds himself sleeping in his own bed, on a SleepyCat Ultima Mattress.

In the second film, Vir Das personifies the epitome of relaxation, on a massage bed in a luxury spa. Vir can be seen waking up with his alarm, only to find himself in his own bed on the Ultima mattress. Each layer of the Ultima mattress is contoured according to the support required by different parts of the body using DeepTouch Pressure Technology. This helps the mattress provide accurate and responsive 7-zone support, akin to a calming massage that helps you get deeper, more restful sleep.


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