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#SahiWaliFeeling campaign by Huggies urges mothers to enjoy motherhood

Huggies, an American brand of disposable diapers and baby wipes marketed by Kimberly-Clark has rolled out a campaign that tells mothers to trust their instinct when it comes to parenting and enjoy motherhood. #SahiWaliFeeling campaign aims to remind mothers that in a sea of voices that advise her, it is her inner voice and her instinct which is always right.

Kimberly-Clark India appoints Saakshi V. Menon as marketing director,  Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity
Saakshi Verma Menon, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark India

Detailing about the campaign, Saakshi Verma Menon, marketing director, Kimberly-Clark India said, “The campaign was conceived on the insight that mothers intuitively know how to keep their babies comfortable, but multiple contradictory notions of “perfect parenting” can often make them doubt their own selves. In the process, they often forget to enjoy the bliss of motherhood. Through this campaign, we want mothers to know that her instinct is the right instinct. The process involved understanding the moms of today.”

Adding more to it, Menon said, “The consumer today has changed from what she was a couple of years ago and we deep dived to understand what makes them happy, what’s bothering them and really understanding how they are adapting to motherhood. As wide a topic as motherhood is, the brand explored various options and narrowed it down to #SahiWaliFeeling based on what meant the most to the consumers. We have often seen mothers doubting themselves as a result of the overwhelming amount of information and hence landed on this platform, that has resonated with our consumers and a lot of us who are mothers as well.”

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Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative fficer, Ogilvy India

Created by Ogilvy India, the high decibel campaign will be seen across online and offline platforms. “It is a reflection of where our consumer is and the various different ways in which they consume content today. Therefore, we have made an attempt to make this one of our boldest campaigns,” Menon said.

Talking about the creative approach behind the campaign, Sukesh Nayak chief creative officer, Ogilvy India, said, “For new mothers, every little discovery is a manifestation of their instincts and the campaign #SahiWaliFeeling celebrates the small successes that come with it. As a legacy brand, Huggies has always stood by mothers, every step of the way, and we hope that this initiative will not only resonate with them but also help boost their confidence.”

With longevity in mind, Menon reveals that the brand will engage with the topic of motherhood through its campaigns over the next couple of months as well.


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