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Lets together ‘Fix the bAIs’, says MullenLowe MENA

With the aim of promoting equality and celebrate the achievements of women in every arena, MullenLowe MENA has launched a new program which attempts to strive towards embracing equality. Artificial Intelligence is working towards revolutionizing the world with its splendid technology, but does AI has the feature of gender representation? Ask AI to create an image of a mechanical engineer, F1 driver, mathematician or CEO and it will only show images of men. 

This AI bias needs to change and MullenLowe MENA is leading the change to fix AI with AI. The campaign wants help in teaching AI that women can be doctors, astronauts and CEOs, just as much as men can be nurses or teachers.

Check out what they doing and join in making the change at https://fixingthebais.com or join their discord channel https://lnkd.in/dmfvk6vV to share your support.


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