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Dhara highlights importance of heart health through new ad film on World Heart Day

Dhara has rolled out an ad film highlighting the fact that today’s adults, under the age of 40 years, are vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. The film opens with a frame featuring an active and fit senior citizen father (Shishir Sharma) landing at his regular heart clinic with his son. The film shows how the father has been visiting the clinic for 20 years but this time his 32-year-old son undergoes a consultation.

The frame then lays out a super mentioning “25 percent of heart attacks in Indian men occur under 40”, while the voice over stresses on having a healthy heart and advises viewers to make a shift in routine by doing exercise, reducing stress and further increasing the intake of oryzanol in their diets. The film towards the end also showcases Dhara Refined Ricebran Oil lowers bad cholesterol and supports heart health.

Detailing about the idea behind the campaign, Dinesh Agrawal, business head – Dhara, Mother Dairy fruit and vegetable said, “The modern-day course of life has inflicted various inconsistencies in our lifestyle and the events of the past two years have unfortunately compounded it. Brand Dhara has always endeavoured and supported healthy lifestyle practices such as usage of oil in moderation and adopting routine of physical exercise. Through this film, we aim to spread awareness amongst our current and future nation-builders to have a healthy lifestyle with due attention to heart health. We are really glad to associate with an artist who made the brand popular in its initial days and together, we hope that our message will reach out to the desired audience, inspiring them to be more active to lead a healthy lifestyle.”


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