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Cheil India Showcases Samsung Galaxy Watch6’s Effortless Tap-to-Pay Feature in Newest Campaign

Smartwatches often draw attention to the health benefits they bring to the table for consumers. Samsung has turned this insight on its head by instead focusing on the Tap to Pay feature of its Galaxy Watch6 via this Cheil India campaign, titled “Turn your wrist to pay”. The campaign features a film that showcases the ease of payment that comes with the Samsung Wallet’s Tap to Pay feature.

The result was a campaign titled “Turn your wrist to pay” that showcased the benefits of the Samsung Wallet on the Galaxy Watch6 with a fun and fresh treatment. By highlighting the sheer ease of paying with a turn of the wrist in a variety of shopping settings, the campaign introduces this new feature with a bang.

The campaign film revolves around a protagonist showing off the Galaxy Watch6’s payment feature in a dazzling piece of choreography set to music. As other shoppers look on in amazement, the protagonist smoothly makes seamless payments in one setting after another, all while indulging in smooth moves.

Aditya Babbar, Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India, said: “The Smartwatch category is on the rise. Our data indicates that the premium and economy segment is growing fast, despite that the penetration is low. The other thing in the category is that there’s a sea of sameness – almost all players are using fitness as a narrative to promote smartwatches, we decided to stand out by following a benefit first approach. In this new campaign we have dialled up Tap and Pay as a point of differentiation and we believe that this will help us gain traction among the consumers. Since digital payments are on a rise among Gen Z, with India holding the top spot in the world, we decided to launch India’s first Android Smartwatch with digital payment capabilities. To highlight this feature in the Galaxy Watch6 campaign, we are showcasing the cool, new and trendy way to pay – Tap and Pay. Simply tap your wrist at an NFC enabled terminal and pay for your favourite things.”

“Let’s face it, paying is never fun – unless you could do it with a flick of a wrist and a tap! So all we tried to do, is make an ad that was as cool, fun and easy as the tap & pay feature of the Galaxy Watch6!” says Vikash Chemjong, CCO, Cheil India.

“The campaign is a ringing endorsement of the fact that a good idea based on a simple insight and backed by nuanced storytelling will deliver the goods on the ground. By connecting payment to watches, we have created a clear differentiation for the Galaxy Watch6 that makes it stand out in a crowded category,” says Srijib Mallik, Head of Business, Samsung, at Cheil India.


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