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Amazon says, “Tu khul, tu khil, har pal tu khud se mil” in its latest campaign

Amazon has partnered with Ogilvy India for a new campaign celebrating people’s differences. The campaign, Tu khul, tu khil, har pal tu khud se mil (bud, blossom and grow, meet yourself, discover) focuses on the one thing that every human being shares with everyone else – the ability to be different from the rest.

The campaign films feature people who stand out by reason of their age, appearance, and affinities. Such as a woman with vitiligo, a woman who struggles to be acknowledged as one, an old man who refuses to forfeit his youth, the story of a transgender, a plus-sized woman, and a newscaster who chooses to be different.

“Open a box of Amazon. Donn a dress that can cast a spell, change the extrinsic appearance and transform their spirit from within,” said Sujoy Roy, Creative Director, Ogilvy.

“That is the kernel at the heart of our campaign. Our idea can be traced back to the unboxing videos that have been trending of late. Only, we wanted to unbox people and tell their stories in their words. Our aim was to encourage people to wear their unique stories like they would wear a dress ordered from Amazon – with hope, anticipation and innocent joy.”

“As a brand, we strive to take unapologetically progressive perspectives on how we represent individuals within their lives,” said Ravi Desai, Director – Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India.

“We try to look beyond traditional or stereotypical dynamics. Through this communication, we aim to represent a diverse set of consumers by looking past preconceived notions of gender, age, body type, sexuality, region etc. Har Pal Fashionable, then, is more than just ‘looking and feeling good’. It is about individual self-expression through fashion and beauty, with Amazon being the enabler for the opening up of these possibilities. So, whoever you are or want to be, in your moments big and small, be Har Pal Fashionable with Amazon.”


Agency: Ogilvy, India
Chief Creative Officers: Sukesh Nayak, Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmakar
Creative: Sujoy Roy, Aritra Chaudhuri, Shivangi Sharma
Account Management: Vivek Verma, Neha Shah, Maithili Satam
Planning team: Prem Narayan, Kshitij Rajoria, Rajeev Chanda
Client: Amazon India
Production House: Entourage Films
Director: Jessica Sadana
Producer: Garima Arora


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