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Uber Eats Australian Open Campaign Allows Viewers to Choose How the Ad Ends

Uber Eats is again back again for its fourth year as a sponsor of the Australian Open but this year the brand is trying a non-traditional way to promote online food delivery. The campaign, done in a partnership with Special Australia, is called “This calls for” and allows people to “Choose your own AO” with a series of films featuring Ash Barty, Nick Kyrgios and Todd Woodbridge – with each film proposing three alternate endings.

Viewers must use their phones to scan the QR code to see the surprise ending of their choice. “Going into our fourth year at the AO we wanted to do something different,” said Head of Marketing Uber Eats ANZ, David Griffiths. “Something that made Aussies stop what they were doing and go on an entertainment journey.

“Having such adventurous content available exclusively online is daring but with Uber Eats offering more choice than ever with new categories like alcohol, grocery and personal care items now available on the platform – it made sense to reflect that choice and give the audience the freedom to pick their own adventure.

The three-week campaign is an extension of Uber’s lastes brand platform This Calls For. “Keep an eye out for exclusives, easter eggs and loads more unexpected twists as the campaign unfolds,” added Griffiths.

“Since Uber Eats sponsored the Aus Open, they’ve become known for playing with the viewing format,” said Sarah ParrisCreative Director, Special Australia.

“We’ve ambushed, we’ve made the tennis score a game, now with Uber Eats offering even more delivery choice with groceries, it seemed only fitting to let the actual mechanics of the idea bring that to life.”

For Ash Barty, each dramatic ending sees the world’s number one ranked tennis player lead a candle filled seance that summons Pat Rafter’s ponytail from 1988, carrots which give her the power to see at night, all to spotlight strange behavior from the audience and on-court officials; or batteries which lead to a horror film where Ash is stalked by scary twin ball girls.

For Nick Krygios, viewers can choose the chocolates to unlock a montage of romantic moments with an umpire; a relaxing bubble bath or a blissed out trip to a euphoric world where tea is the gateway to adventure, with Nick remarking “I’ve had tea but I’ve never been tea”.

And, for event commentator Todd Woodbridge Uber Eats offers up permanent markers, lemon & honey or garlic to sooth his lost and croaky voice and depending on which QR code they choose, the audience can see Todd transform from commentator to cleaner to drop truth bombs to Kyrgios (who’s mid shower), discover a new talent by joining a barbershop style quartet or wipe out players with his garlic breath.

In addition to taking control and deciding the fate of talent via the endings, there are easter egg promotions on groceries and alcohol scattered throughout to reward people for engagement.

The sponsorship is brought to life across TV, social, online and OOH as well as reactive social content (created by Hello Social) during the tennis.


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