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The UK emerges as one of the top education destinations due to “Graduate Route”

As per the latest immigration statistics from the UK government, over 56,000 Indian students got their visas issued for the academic year of 2020-2021 in order to study in the UK. Around 55,000 Indian students were enrolled at the UK universities last year. In a recent survey, it has been found that 94 percent Indian students are more keen to study abroad and 75% out of them are going to choose the UK as their study destination.

The UK visa application centres in India are now open and are continuing process application for various visa categories: students and skilled workers visas. The UK government has also allowed international students to get vaccinated from the British National Health Service (NHS) like any other UK citizen.

A few Indian students who are going to the UK for higher education were interviewed. They seemed excited about the announcement made on the “Graduate route” by the UK government. Now they will be able to explore opportunities in British organizations after finishing their studies. They feel a post study visa is an advantage for them as it provides a pathway to students to work, earn and learn more in a global environment.

Graduate route

The new “Graduate route” by the UK government will start accepting applications from July 1, 2021. It will let the brightest international students continue to contribute to the UK society and economy post-study. International students on the “Graduate route” will be able to look for work or work after their studies for a maximum period of 2 years. The period to stay back for work is extended to 3 years for doctoral students.

The launch of this new “Graduate route” shows the government’s commitment to continue delivering its key manifesto promise to implement a point-based immigration system. This system will attract talent and make sure that businesses can recruit the highly qualified students around the world to drive the economy forward.

To apply for the “Graduate route”, a student must have completed an eligible course at a UK higher education institution, in compliance with the government’s immigration requirements to apply for “Graduate route”.

The “Graduate route” will be totally unsponsored, which means that a student/applicant will not need a job offer to apply for the route. There will be no minimum salary caps on numbers. Graduates will be able to work flexibly, they can switch jobs and develop careers as per the requirements. This new route will help the UK government to achieve its goal of increasing the number of international students in higher education in the UK by 2030.

The “Graduate route” is definitely going to enhance the British offer to Indian students. Studying at world leading universities, staying back for jobs, earning money and paying back expensive study loans if taken. For many students, studying abroad is an important stepping stone when it comes to career paths.

The “Graduate route” will certainly add to the attraction of the country as an international study destination for Indian students, especially when several other popular study destinations have closed borders for Indians since the pandemic started. 

– Alok K. Singh (Co-founder and CEO, Travomint)


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