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The Social Street launches ‘The Blank Canvas’

The new division to help better campaign integration, understanding of brand needs, and deeper consumer connect.

CB Bureau | Mumbai

The Social Street has launched what it calls ‘The Blank Canvas’, a new creative vertical, to provide integrated outdoor services. Steered by President Nitin Rastogi, The Blank Canvas will help integrate campaigns, understand brand needs, and create the essential consumer connect by designing innovative, yet focussed and integrated cross-channel solutions.

Based in The Social Street’s Mumbai office, the division has already begun work for brands, such as Aditya Birla Capital, Disney Consumer Products, ITC, Goldmedal Switches & Systems, and Bandhan Bank.

The Social Street Founding Partner & Chairman, Pratap Bose, says, “I have known and worked with Nitin for many years now. He has been instrumental in developing and delivering some unique and engaging experiences for consumers that go beyond the traditional OOH space. With new opportunities opening up, I am confident that Nitin and his team will go a long way in developing new channels and collaborations to enhance our business offering and drive the industry to new heights.”

An earlier outdoor work by The Social Street for Britannia Good Day for its ‘Smile to be Surprised’ project.

Responding to the new challenge, Nitin Rastogi said, “We’ve crafted ‘The Blank Canvas’ to be a nimble, versatile, and brave agency that breaks the mould and explores integration in the truest sense. In today’s scenario, every media is competing to get the consumer’s attention. We believe that it should be a cohesive approach, working towards being inclusive rather than intrusive, focussing on the experience to the customer. One- way communication is a thing of the past — digital, interactive communication is where we are headed, so it’s time for us to revisit our approach and be truly integrated.”

“We are working on some really innovative projects and soon we’ll be coming up with some great work.  I’m really enthused about leading such a young team of professionals to create something new,” Nitin added.

Earlier this month, The Social Street Founding Partner and CEO, Mandeep Malhotra, had said, “We are getting a lot of new talent in. I don’t see any reason why OOH won’t grow in the next two years. Therefore, we want to be rightly armed with good talent and ideas for our client base.”


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