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StreetEye- motorcycle mounted device by Leo Burnett India

StreetEye, a motorcycle mounted device that can help map out potholes in real time, conceptualised and created by Leo Burnett India and sponsored by ACKO, the new-age digital general insurance brand and will be launched soon, potentially saving thousands of motorcyclists from accidents and mishaps.

According to the intense research done by the team at Leo Burnett, Indian roads are riddled with potholes making them a serious menace for commuters. Last year, recorded 4775 accidents and 2140 deaths due to pothole related accidents. And this problem becomes even more acute during monsoons as water logging causes thousands of potholes to become invisible overnight, making them extremely dangerous for two-wheeler commuters. 

Talking about the device, Rajdeepak Das, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, said, “At Leo Burnett we believe the only way to predict the future is to create it ourselves. We have always been driven by our HumanKind philosophy which puts people and problems at the centre of all our initiatives. The teams at Leo Burnett have been tirelessly researching, developing and testing various versions of StreetEye to find a solution to one of the vital problem i.e. accidents due to potholes. And we are very excited about this product and would be launching it soon in the market.”

Detailing about the creative approach behind the innovation, Dheeraj Sinha, CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Burnett, said, “Creativity’s true potential is in solving larger problems of the world. StreetEye is a perfect example of how by bringing together innovation, data, design & technology and fuelling it with creativity we can create new age solutions to resolve age old problems. At Leo Burnett we have realised that by bringing creativity and technology together we can play a greater role in helping solve larger problems together with our client partners.”

Commenting on it, Ashish Mishra, EVP – Marketing, ACKO, said, “ACKO as a brand has revolutionized the insurance buying process by innovating and replacing traditional models with new-age solutions. ACKO’s commitment to improving lives and Leo Burnett’s vision to use technology for solving real problems has made this happen. We look forward to StreetEye making a meaningful difference especially for bikers during monsoon.”


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