About Us

Founded by Conceptual Pictures Worldwide Pvt Ltd, Creative Brands is a magazine that seeks to engage deeply with the advertising, media, and creative communication industries. Headquartered in New Delhi, Creative Brands will report from across South Asia, the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. The magazine is currently available throughout India, Sri Lanka, and Dubai via subscription, both individual and corporate, but will soon be available at select newsstands, kiosks, libraries, airlines, airports, and railway stations, among other locations.

Creative Brands blends crisp news reportage, sharp and visually driven features, and the power of long-form journalism. So we will have features, stories, interviews, comment, and analyses on brands and brand communication, campaigns, markets, consumers, and media platforms, among others. Besides, it will have other stimulating features, such as cuisine, books, photo features, travel, art and culture, quizzes, and the occasional contest — all within the universe of communication.