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Sony BBC Earth turns the festive season into a captivating wonderland within the Metaverse

In a touching act, Sony BBC Earth brings joy to children through an exclusive Metaverse adventure! This heartwarming experience kicked off as the channel granted underprivileged kids the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary journey beyond their wildest dreams. To bring the Metaverse to life, Sony BBC Earth partnered with virtual reality experts, crafting two mesmerizing virtual realms. Kids were invited to explore these worlds – one in the Polar region, alive with Aurora lights and inhabited by delightful creatures like penguins, seals, and polar bears; the other in a vibrant tropical rainforest teeming with lush foliage and exotic animals such as Toucans, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, and Jackals. This experience sparked the imaginations of the children from the Udaan India Foundation, opening their minds to the limitless possibilities within the realm of AI. In addition to the Metaverse, the students enjoyed trivia sessions and entertaining games.

This immersive endeavor fostered a deep appreciation for nature and its inhabitants, leaving an indelible impression on the younger generation. Sony BBC Earth aims to replicate such impactful experiences by extending the Metaverse adventure to more children in schools and other educational centers.

Pankti Lalaji, Programs Manager, Udaan Indian Foundation, said, “Children are curious by nature, and technology amazes them to a great extent. We are grateful to Sony BBC Earth for showcasing the power of AI and providing an immersive experience to the kids of our foundation. The Metaverse experience was new and exciting for them and they got to learn so much from it.”

Hitesh Vishwakarma, a class 8 student of Udaan India Foundation shared, “When I stepped into the Polar region, it was like magic. The lights in the sky were twinkling stars, and it felt like I was on a holiday to Antarctica. I am so happy that I got a chance to have a walkthrough in the snow and see the seals and penguins come alive.”


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