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Shashi Prakash- The messiah for the children who lost their parents to Covid

The Covid-19 epidemic has wreaked havoc on the planet. Many people have died, many have lost their livelihoods, and many have lost their sources of income. The most vulnerable victims of this fatal illness are children. During this disastrous situation innumerable students have lost their education but Shashi Prakash, a teacher by profession from Balia Uttar Pradesh has set an outstanding example by extending his help for children who lost their parents to Covid. With the strong belief that ‘Education imparts skills and knowledge that are linked to increased earnings. It has a favourable impact on other aspects of poverty, such as shelter, water, sanitation, and so on, and assures a higher quality of life. Financial instability among covid orphaned students might obstruct their education, putting many families’ futures in jeopardy. Money should not be a stumbling block on anyone’s path to success.’ Shashi Prakash has pledged to help the children selflessly and now he has become the messiah for the people around the nation.

Using Personal Savings, This Teacher From UP Is Funding Education Of 2,021  Post Second Wave

Teacher Shashi Prakash Singh, who was born into a farmer’s family, is trying his best to ensure that the education of such children is not hindered. Shashi Prakash comes from a small village in Ballia and had his early education in a government school, after which he completed his engineering studies from Roorkee. It was only after completing his engineering studies that Shashi Prakash turned towards teaching. Shashi Prakash Singh, who has been engaged in continuous teaching work for the last 14 years, is currently teaching the students of Unacademy from Kota.

Shashi Prakash receiving the award from Sonu Sood

Recently he received appreciation for his “Outstanding Performance in Educating Poor Children Across India” from famous Bollywood celebrity and philanthropist, Sonu Sood. He has also been awarded with the International Glory Award-2021.

According to Shashi Prakash Singh, the news coming out during the second wave of the Corona pandemic disturbed him badly. During this time, he also came to know that a large number of children have left their studies. Knowing the reason behind this, Shashi Prakash also became restless because in fact most of them had lost their parents during the Corona period, due to which they could not continue their studies due to the bad financial condition.

It is from here that Shashi Prakash himself came forward and took the initiative and decided to help these children. Shashi Singh not only taught some such children free of cost, but he also started paying the fees of such children. Soon the circle expanded and the number of children became much larger.

Shashi Prakash says, “if for some reason the education of a child stops, then not only his family will be left behind, but a whole generation and the whole country will go behind. I have decided to stand in the forefront to help the needy children living in any corner of the country. I have set a target of helping the needy children financially in 2021 this year.”

Shashi Prakash has invested all his deposits for the purpose of fulfilling this goal of helping these needy children. Such needy children can contact him and he will try to help them in every possible way. Shashi Prakash has also appealed to the countrymen that everyone should come forward and help such children.


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