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Lets swipe right this 2022, says Tinder India to Gen Z

It is safe to say Tinder, a dating app loves the Gen Z users on its app. After all, it is doing its best to help “Gen Z to connect with new people over common goals and shared interests through Explore, its new venue where members can navigate potential connections through common interests.”

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Tinder says the 38 per cent of the Gen Z cohort on its app is looking for someone who is trustworthy while 36 per cent are seeking a connection with a sense of humour, 12 per cent are on the lookout for someone who “is not an ass”, and 14 per cent are looking for a kind date.

These are top traits Gen Z users on the app are searching for and please note good intentions also top the list among singles in India. 41 per cent of members look for matches with intentions of fixing the world, using less plastic (39 per cent) and even going vegan (8 per cent).

As per the dating app, its users have made decisions on what they wish to do in 2022. 49 per cent revealed they would be up for travelling again, while over 31 per cent of members said they would sign up to join a gym. 15 per cent members are keen to eat less junk food.

When asked what they’re vibin’ to in 2022, Tinder members said they were looking for their partner in crime (35 per cent), while others (20 per cent) were just looking to finish what they start or even have a goal in the first place (25 per cent), and finally, 20 per cent say they wanted to find time for themselves in 2022.

January onwards, the app users will be able to select from a series of ‘2022 Goals’ in Explore to find a new year ‘partner in crime’ who shares their goals.

Aahana Dhar, Director, Communications, Tinder India said: “With the new year almost here, we’re encouraging members to refresh their bios, review their passions and interests, update their profile photos, and make the most of the new social features in Explore – hottest new place on Tinder where matches are made based on chosen common interests or goals! This Dating Sunday, we anticipate that many Tinder members will be swiping right on someone who shares their 2022 goals and find matches with people who share their vibe.”

Dating Sunday is considered to be one of the busiest days for dating apps and falls on the first Sunday of a new year.

To ensure the singletons are all set for Dating Sunday, Tinder is sharing its top 3 tips:

●3/5/11: Share at least 3 Passions / Interests (make sure they are updated to what you are currently vibin’ to) – add at least 5 pictures/videos – write at least 11 words in your bio.

●Be online at prime time – just as midnight on NYE is the time to be on the middle of the dancefloor, watching the fireworks, or snogging your crush, 7-10 pm is the slot on Dating Sunday to swipe on what makes you vibe on the app. So, cancel all your other plans, as Tinder is the only place you should be at prime time.

●Digital-first, IRL second – Before meeting in IRL, why not video chat first. Take a moment to get to know your match before you plunge into that New Year in-person date.


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