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Joy Films launches ‘Made To Change’ for NEOM

With the aim of inspiring the world McCann London and Joy Films create the latest campaign for NEOM, the place that’s made to change is here.

The creative idea from McCann London positions NEOM as a change-maker that will inspire the world as it reimagines a healthier, more responsible, efficient, sustainable and balanced way of life, starting from a blank canvas.

The story of NEOM’s multi-sector spot goes much deeper than just a sustainable city but creating, acting, and living the optimism and inventiveness in accelerating human life and experience, defining a new era of a modern world. The campaign explores symbolism and metaphors to represent the change that NEOM will be bringing to its various sectors, from technology, agriculture, renewable energy, education, and health.

Neom’s campaign is a new vision of what the future could be. It is a combination of truths & spectacles. It is an attempt to build a cognitive and sustainable city that has never been done before. NEOM will redefine how we live, how urban sustainability will be powered by 100% renewable energy. Spectacular isn’t it? Not only will it adapt environmental responsibilities but it will heavily promote regenerative development practices.


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