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‘Don’t Wait. Vaccinate.’, urges Haldiram’s in its latest campaign

To lead the charge of social initiatives as one of the most loved brands in the country, Haldiram’s has launched its newest campaign, ‘Don’t Wait. Vaccinate.’, offering a delightful incentive discount for the ones who are vaccinated. Conceived and conceptualized by Option Designs, It is a factual statement to make as the brand can propel people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. It is not new for the brand to initiate social drives as earlier they came up with ‘Delicious Bhi, Dooriyan Bhi’ social distancing campaign to spread awareness and create a change in attitude towards the appropriate behaviors during these challenging times.

Speaking about the message the campaign carries, Ashish Agarwal, MD, Haldiram’s, said, “‘Don’t Wait. Vaccinate.’ campaign carries on the same tradition, reflecting authenticity in the purpose-oriented messaging from one of the most loved food brands. Like previous campaigns, this campaign is bound to stir a positive feeling, which will prompt the taste loyalists to get vaccinated and celebrate it with delicious food at Haldiram’s outlet. The brand is always contributing towards ensuring the good health and wellbeing of people, and in accomplishing the same, is always excited to stir conversations around social drives.

Commenting on it, Rajat Rastogi, said, “It is heartening to know that the world’s second-largest snack brand is committed to doing its bit for the greater good of the people. So far, the response to the campaign has been nothing short of amazing. However, it is essential as a brand to take a strong position to gratify and inspire our customers to get vaccinated and do their bit in defeating this pandemic.”

Rahul Gandhi, MD Option Designs, said, “Haldiram’s philosophy is people first, and with the same approach, they have galvanized their position in the market, once again with this campaign. The campaign is a strategic move to help in the vital initiative of vaccinating India tastefully. Option Designs is proud to be associated with such a cause and a brand that stands for authenticity, taste, and beliefs.”


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