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Chipmunk Beauty Brand Reveals New Identity in Partnership with Yellow

Chipmunk, the beauty brand, endeavors to empower individuals to freely express themselves while prioritizing their skin’s health. In pursuit of this goal, the brand has partnered with the creative agency Yellow to develop its brand identity, website, brand film, photoshoot, 3D renders, and animation.

“The beauty industry is seeing a shift towards transparency and authenticity, Chipmunk is a special project, reflecting this move by embracing clean and conscious makeup. However, the brand goes beyond just makeup – it’s a cultural evolution in how we perceive and celebrate beauty,” said Shrey Doshi, creative director at Yellow.

According to the agency, the logo, colors, fonts and overall identity of the brand make it a refreshing addition to India’s ever-evolving beauty landscape.

“Chipmunk is more than makeup; it’s gentle and preventive beauty that lets you experiment without the side effects. Collaborating with Yellow was an exciting journey, the team’s creativity and attention to detail turned our vision into a lively and dynamic brand that many members of our target segment could resonate with,” said Reema, founder of Chipmunk.

In a release, Yellow said “As Chipmunk emerges onto the beauty scene, it carries with it not just a line of products but a movement – one that encourages everyone to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves confidently.”


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