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Centrick fills Kirloskar Vasundhara’s Website with nature’s love

This website refreshes 1440 times a day, to give you a fact about nature for each minute of the day. 

Centrick Marketing Solution recently designed a website for Kirloskar Vasundhara, an initiative dedicated to Mother Earth by Kirloskar-Limitless. The development partner was Bright Brain. In today’s fast paced world, it is far more important for a brand’s online presence to be experiential and engaging and not just informative and transactional. Every minute spent with nature is beautiful, enriching and refreshing, that’s why this website refreshes every minute of the day to showcase nature in all its glory. 

Of the 1440 painstakingly curated facts, 350 facts are synced exactly to the minute you are browsing it. So if you’re on the website at 4 pm it will tell you about Peru’s magical flowers called the 4 o’clock flowers. They bloom exactly at this time. At 5:12 am it will tell you about how San Francisco once shook  exactly at this time with an earthquake that was louder than 10,000 lions.

Since nature is not precise, the rest of the facts sync with the time of the day you are browsing the website. At 6 am, it will tell you about polar bears starting their hunt, at 6 pm how the Mexican Shell flower, also known as the tiger flower, opens in the morning and closes around this time to never open again. 

Since its architecture and URL was changing, its 404 pages or extinct pages, tell you about species that are also now extinct. 


This website is a corporate website and information about its initiatives, future events, past photo galleries and video archives were not forgotten. This website is conceptualised, designed, researched and written by Centrick Marketing Solutions LLP. It’s development partner was Bright Brain.

Roy Menezes, Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Centrick

Detailing about the creative approach, Roy Menezes Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Centrick said, “To create this, the lines between brand, art, copy and tech vanished. It was the most collaborative and enriching experience of my career. Given how important “Time” spent on a brand is today, I’m sure the audience will love spending a few minutes discovering nature through this website. At Centrick we always put experience, engagement and recall at the core of everything we do.”

Gauri Kirloskar, Managing Director at Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited said, “We went to Centrick to revamp a static website into an experience that draws in a global audience. By conceptualising a website that shares a new fact about nature every minute of the day, they’ve managed to not just get people to the website once, but visit all through the day. We appreciate all the thought, work and love that Centrick has put in to create an entirely new experience for Kirloskar Vasundhara.”


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