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Campus launches new shoes grooves and moves with their latest campaign conceptualized by The Womb

Campus is India’s largest sports and athleisure shoe brand known for their world-class quality & trendy designs. It is an aspirational brand especially for young adults. The company’s products are available Pan-India network.

Campus wanted to leverage its communication during the World Cup by launching the new range. Their latest collection was inspired by global designs that caters to young Indian audience and their global aspirations. This concept has been brought to life through a dance form known as “Tutting”. The ad showcases people on streets, at home and on the move with these shoes, however with a spin, wearing them on their hands while tutting. These commercials were shot in Istanbul while the film’s music was composed by renowned ‘Gully Boy’ fame Dub Sharma. The latest campaign has been conceptualized by The Womb.

Commenting on the ad Nikhil Aggarwal, CEO,  Campus Activewear said “At Campus our mission is to inspire young Indians to be part of the ongoing trend and stand out from the crowd. Campus has a very deep-rooted understanding of its customers hence the product offerings are created, keeping in mind what they aspire for- comfortable, durable & stylish shoes, which make them feel empowered and confident. The brand has created international designs for the Indian consumers creating a distinct product proposition in the category. Campus wanted to pick up a sport which had very wide appeal to Indian consumers and there is nothing comparable to cricket. With billions of people expected to watch the tournament worldwide, we wanted to offer our designs and nudge our consumers to show their moves.”

Navin Talreja, Founding Partner of The Womb, says “The products are well designed, stylish and great value for money. We discovered Tutting and felt that as a concept it would best resonate with today’s youth. Music and dance are at the centre of their social lives and shoes play an integral role in building their identity in these set-ups. We wanted to create a vibe amongst our audience to try something new, that is cool and gets noticed. Our current communication captures a celebration of this style and high fashion.”

Navin Talreja, Founding Partner, The Womb

“I was excited when I first heard the concept. Incorporating tutting as a concept to showcase shoes was just so mind-blowing which I wanted to put my heart and soul in for its uniqueness and to be able to give a very different narrative Great music, choreography, a spectrum of ideas of tutting What more can  one ask for 🙂 .Tutting is something that will grab the viewers’ attention but the challenge was how to make it not look repetitive after  10secs and still keep the audience engaged. The music was a challenge to work on without lyrics and crack a tune that keeps you bouncing. Kudos to The Womb Team for making tutting a reality and the clients to truly give the freedom to let the visuals speak along with Good Morning Films with each of those special souls who put their heart in to make this film come alive.” Afshan Shaikh from Good Morning Films.


  • Agency: The Womb
  • Founding Partners: Navin Talreja and Kawal Shoor
  • Creatives: Suyash Khabya and Arnab Manna
  • Account Management: Dhaval Jadwani, Sarita Crasto and Shreya Patel
  • Planning: Rohit Mani, Pranav Shetty, Priya Royzada, Sanika Bhuleskar and Nikhil Pillai.
  • Production House: Goodmorning Films
  • Director: Afshan Shaikh
  • Producer : Siddhi Bhopale, Tavishi Gawri, Prasanna Naik
  • Executive Producer : Vikram Kalra, Robin Dcruz, Shashanka Chaturvedi
  • Music: Dub Sharma

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