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Bonsey Jaden Group Appoints Daniel Loo Regional Executive Creative Director

Bonsey Jaden continues to expand its leadership team across the Southeast Asian region with the appointment of Daniel Loo as Regional Executive Creative Director. Loo brings over twenty years of experience at advertising agencies in Malaysia including Ogilvy, McCann, and Hakuhodo. A copywriter at his core, Loo has also acted as the Regional Head of Copy at Grab—at a time when the company was changing rapidly—giving him a necessary cross-cultural perspective on what drives the coming waves of new businesses, said a release.

“I consider us very fortunate to have connected with Daniel Loo at the right time,” said Daniel Posavac, Co-founder and CEO of Bonsey Jaden Group.

“It’s not often you come across talent with such depth and breadth of experience, who also knows when and how to bend or break a rule if it’s just going to work. I feel that Daniel’s work speaks for itself, and we are excited about him joining our leadership team and heading up one of our largest teams in the business.”

“I was really drawn to Bonsey Jaden’s adaptable and very flexible culture,” says Loo, “because one thing I’ve learned over the past two decades is there are no clear-cut solutions, especially now; the digital space has expanded and changed so much. I’ve always been interested in the way advertising evolves, so it’s been both fascinating and daunting to witness that change, but it’s also taught me that these so-called ‘soft skills’—being resilient, being curious, being able to wrap your head around the experiences of others—are objectively far more valuable than society would have us believe.”

Loo continues his personal tradition of training creatives to challenge themselves, and attributes his achievements not only to his “natural state of being a people person,” but also to the willingness and open-mindedness of teams to explore new possibilities.


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