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‘Beats of Marapani’ by InnoDesigns pays tribute to furniture artists

In an attempt of honouring the India’s furniture artists, InnoDesigns, one of the recognised home furnishing brands has rolled out a campaign, ‘Beats of Marapani’, with groovy music track that seamlessly fuses real carpentry sounds with the melodic tunes of Onam. In collaboration with Indian furniture artisans to create each piece that propels them forward in their design journey, InnoDesigns is marking its vision into viewers minds and hearts.

Himanshu Shekhar, Head – Sales and Marketing, InnoDesigns

InnoDesigns’ vision is to create the most innovative, trustworthy, and compelling ecosystem for living and working space stakeholders, and they have come up with a way to honour the furniture artists who help them achieve this goal.

Detailing about the core motive of the brand, Neetii, COO and Strategy Head, said, “As a brand we believe furniture manufacturers are the lifeline of India’s furniture industry, and as a brand it’s an honor for us to celebrate their craftsmanship and contribution.”

Himanshu, Marketing & Sales Head, InnoDesigns said on the track, “It was time to  bring back the focus on our local furniture manufacturers. And what better occasion than Onam to start this conversation in Kerala.  This tribute is also about prepping up the consumer in Kochi and Calicut for Onam as we bring in some unbelievable offers for them.”

Henry Moirang, Founder, LeapX

Speaking about the conceptualisation and execution of the campaign, Henry Moirang of LeapX, the Creative Agency for InnoDesigns, said, “For us the brief was clear.  Bring alive the brand’s belief that the furniture manufacturer is the protagonist here. So we weaved his craftsmanship and the festival of Onam to make a call-to-action that people of Kerala find relevant and worth advancing.”

“Thanks to Himanshu and his team for making us a part of this journey, thanks to Vishal J Singh for the wonderful music track and the Director, Kulanandini Mahanta for bringing the idea alive,” added Henry Moirang.

PAN InnoDesigns

InnoDesigns began when Nidhey A. Pan, the Founder & CEO, was in the process of furnishing his home. Discontent with the experience, he identified several gaps and found the process to be unnecessarily complex. The realization brought him intimately closer to the underrepresentation of small-scale furniture vendors across the country. He wanted to create an innovative solution that could help customers easily find the best vendors and help smaller furniture vendors access a global market. This was when InnoDesigns took birth.


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