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ZEE Entertainment and Nasscom forms strategic partnership to drive generative AI startups in India

With the aim of fostering collaborative growth and empowering the select start-ups to succeed in the dynamic AI landscape, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, has announced its partnership with nasscom for its recently-launched Generative AI Foundry programme Through the strategic partnership, ZEE’s Technology and Innovation Centre will primarily focus on enabling and supporting co-piloted generative AI solutions for India’s media and entertainment ecosystem.

In a collaborative effort, nasscom and ZEE’s Technology and Innovation Centre organised a one-day workshop to identify areas of mutual interest and explore synergies for potential partnerships. As part of the workshop, ZEE hosted 14 startups from the nasscom Generative AI Foundry programme at the ZEE Technology & Innovation Hub in Bengaluru. With this one-of-its-kind initiative, the company aims to foster collaborative growth and empower the select start-ups to succeed in the dynamic AI landscape.

Nitin Mittal, president – technology & Data, ZEE, said “We are delighted to embark upon this exciting journey in collaboration with nasscom, aiming to shape the future of India’s AI community. The synergy between our endeavours, nasscom’s commitment to nurturing tech startups, and ZEE’s leadership in media innovation signifies more than just a convergence of minds—it represents a fusion of futuristic visions poised to define the industry’s next chapter. As a frontrunner in India’s M&E ecosystem, this partnership stands as a testament to our commitment towards elevating consumer experience by leveraging digital technologies. At ZEE, we believe that collaborations of this nature are instrumental in propelling the growth of startups and fostering innovation in the India’s AI landscape.”

Ankit Bose, head of NASSCOM AI, said “The partnership between both organisations is a significant one for the Generative AI startups. It is heartening to witness excellent initiatives from the industry to collaborate with these startups. The innovative solutions possess the potential to transform various sectors including M&E.”

Nasscom’s Generative AI Foundry initiative aims to boost India’s standing in the global Generative AI startup industry by providing support and nurturing technology startups in this field. To achieve this goal, the program has selected 26 promising startups in collaboration with over 30 industry organizations and investors. These chosen startups will be offered comprehensive assistance, including mentorship, access to resources, funding, and industry connections, to help them progress their products to the next level


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