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Whistle’s amusing duo of campaign videos shine a spotlight on the theme of ‘Dental Embarrassment’

Whistle, a cosmetic dentistry brand, teamed up with Clove, a dental chain, to explore the realm of invisible aligners in September. Amid a landscape where brands typically emphasize functionality and the quest for a perfect smile, Whistle aimed to challenge the established norms in this field. Based on consumer insights and interviews, the brand discovered that young adults, navigating a world focused on glamour and initial impressions, frequently experience embarrassment due to their imperfections.

Collaborating with Wieden+Kennedy India, the campaign introduces a humorous film addressing how Whistle can help alleviate teeth imperfections, which often lead to embarrassment and a dent in confidence. The story follows an individual striving to manage daily tasks but encountering challenges due to this unique issue. W+K is also behind the brand name, baseline, and the new brand/visual identity which will pan out at different touch points along this film campaign

Commenting on the Campaign, Amar Singh, Chariman and CEO Clove Dental said: “Explaining the need and benefits of a new product in a new category is a challenging job. W+K team understood the product and researched consumer needs and developed a great campaign”.

Santosh Padhi (Paddy) Chief Creative Officer of W+K added, “The idea was born out of a human insight/truth, people who don’t have seemingly perfect teeth, tend to be introverts with minimal participation in conversations as they feel embarrassed. We decided to celebrate this problem in a cheeky memorable way, just the way young folks like it. The icing on the cake is the music for the campaign which was created with a small little instrument called “Morchang”, which is played with teeth, originally a discovery of folk music of Rajasthan region.”


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