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TV Ad Volumes grew by 26% during 2020: TAM AdEx

TAM AdEx: Maruti Suzuki, Honda Cars & Amazon Online among top 10  advertisers in H1 2019 - Exchange4media

Ad Volumes on television grew by nearly 26% during 2020 (Jan-Dec 19), as compared to 2016 although compared to 2019, ad volumes registered only a marginal increase, according to the TAM AdEx report on television advertising for 2020. The year 2018 showed the highest growth of 30% in Ad Volumes, followed by 2020 with a 26% rise.

The report says that Average Ad Volumes/Day rose by 39% in the 4th quarter on 2020, compared to average Ad Volumes of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters. Owing to COVID-19, the lowest Avg. Ad Volumes was seen in the 2nd quarter.

However, the report says that Television Ad Volumes returned to prelockdown level just within three months of the lockdown. The post-lockdown period witnessed over 90% growth in average Ad Volumes/Day as compared to the lockdown period. During the festive period, Ad Volumes experienced double digit growth.

Segment-wise, the Personal Care/Personal Hygiene sector had a 20% share of Ad Volumes, followed by F&B with 18% share. The Top Three sectors, together, added 52% share to the Ad Volume. The three sectors were also on the top during 2019. Education was the new entrant in Top 10 sectors’ list this year.

The Toilet Soaps category maintained its apex position during 2020 with 7% share of Ad Volumes while E-commerce-Media/ Entertainment/ Social Media moved up by five positions to achieve the second spot, replacing the Toilet/Floor Cleaners category.

Besides Education, the Rubs and Balms category was the only new entrant in Top 10 categories’ list. Two out of Top 10 categories were from the Personal Care/Personal Hygiene and F&B sectors each. In July 2020, hand sanitizer advertising grew by more than 100 times compared to January 2020. In terms of growth, the Hand Sanitizers category experienced the highest growth percentage among the Top 10 — roughly 19 times in 2020.

As always, FMCG players dominated the list of Top 10 advertisers with HUL leading the list. Reckitt Benckiser India followed in the second spot. Four out of Top 10 brands were from HUL, while 3 brands were from Reckitt Benckiser during 2020. The Top 10 advertisers, together, added 45% share of Ad Volumes during the year. Colgate Palmolive India, Cadburys India, and Amazon Online India were in the list of Top 10 advertisers with a positive rank shift compared to 2019. GCMMF (Amul) was the new entrant in Top 10 advertisers’ list.

The report says the Top 10 brands contributed 9% share of Television Ad Volumes. The Top 2 brands — Dettol Toilet Soap and Dettol Antiseptic Liquid — were from the Reckitt Benckiser stable, which had almost the same share of Ad Volumes during 2020. During the current year, there were a total of 13.5K+ brands in play.

The year also saw over 180 categories registering positive growth. E-commerce Media/Entertainment/Social Media were among the categories that witnessed the highest increase in Ad secondages with a growth of over 70%, followed by E-commerce-Education with 3.4 times growth during 2020, compared to 2019.

According to the report, over 5000 exclusive advertisers and 7500 exclusive brands advertised during 2020 compared to 2019. Piccadily Agro Industries and True Shield Hand Sanitizer were the top exclusive advertisers and brands, respectively, during 2020 compared to 2019. HUL had three and Reckitt Benckiser had two exclusive brands in the Top 10 list of 2020, compared to 2019.

In 2020, Television was the most preferred medium for Social Ads by the Government, with 62% share followed by Radio with 31% share.


The reports says that the News and General Entertainment Channels covered 58% of TV Ad Volumes. In fact, during 2020, the Top 5 channel genres retained their positions compared to 2019. News topped on TV during both the periods. The Top 5 channels/genres accounted for more than 90% share of Ad Volumes during both the periods.

Meanwhile, regional channels saw a 2% rise in Ad Volumes. Regional and National channels had 63% and 37% share of Ad Volumes, respectively, during 2020 while there was 1% increase in the share of Regional channels’ advertising on TV during 2020 over 2019. Ad Volumes on Regional channels witnessed rise of 2% during 2020, compared to 2019.

According to the report, there were over 900 Exclusive Advertisers on National and 6,900+ on Regional Channels in 2020. Webart Softech and Attica Gold Company were leading Exclusive advertisers on National and Regional channels, respectively, during 2020.

Among brand endorsers, cricketers M. S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli, together, accounted for overall 66% share of endorsement and 74% share among Male Sports personalities.

Akshay Kumar topped among film actors while Kareena Kapoor topped among film actresses with 16% and 10% share, respectively.


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