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Standard Chartered Bank unveils ‘See Beyond the Obvious’ Campaign Film

Standard Chartered Bank has partnered with Publicis Groupe Hong Kong on a new campaign. This integrated campaign launches across a variety of media channels to spark conversations across all touch points. These channels include outdoor advertising for immediate impact and brand building, social media engagement with the help of young influencers, such as Jay Fung and Tim Wong, who resonate with the younger and emerging affluent sector, TV and YouTube, while search and display are key to driving campaign performance.

Haymans Fung, Head of Marketing CPBB and Head of Global Partnerships Marketing, Standard Chartered Hong Kong, said: “We’ve thoughtfully designed this endeavour to integrate customer insights, creative storytelling, and a distinctive focus on character-building.

By leveraging our rich customer data and understanding, we learned that being able to help our customers to uncover hidden values in wealth and investment is what they are looking for from a bank. This campaign embodies our commitment to originality and to offering our clients wealth opportunities that go beyond the conventional.”

According to the brand, from concept to execution, the campaign demonstrates Standard Chartered’s openness to innovation. Whereas many conventional banking campaigns rely on celebrities, this initiative is rooted in human truths within the affluent segment, illustrating Standard Chartered’s ability to deliver wealth opportunities that transcend the obvious.

“Standard Chartered’s Priority Banking stands out as the partner for those who yearn to see beyond the obvious. It’s an exciting journey to embark on as it offers clients a wealth management experience that goes beyond the expected, empowering them to explore possibilities wherever they may be,” said Yvonne Lam, MD, Head, Affluent Segment & Strategic Alliance, Standard Chartered Hong Kong.


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