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NRMA Insurance unveils a Pair of Clever Campaign Films Via BMEOF

NRMA Insurance has launched a new national campaign created by Bear Meets Eagle On Fire (BMEOF), featuring two 60” films, ‘Runaway’ and ‘Duel’, running across cinema and television, and accompanied by large-format OOH and press. Bear Meets Eagle On Fire won the assignment in June with the platform idea ‘Until then we’ll be here’.

“IAG came to us with a clear challenge to breathe fresh meaning and resonance into its positioning of ‘Help’, and to open up a more imaginative and differentiated world of storytelling for the brand,” said Micah Walker, chief creative officer and founder at BMEOF. “I think the new work answers this without it feeling like we’ve turned the brand into something totally unfamiliar. It’s undeniably NRMA Insurance – just with a shift that allows for different kinds of stories.”

Runaway tells the story of a lone tire, rolling along by itself through the Australian landscape until it arrives on the scene to prevent a driver from having a head-on collision.

Duel, a playful tussle between fire and water, imagines a world where a rural paddock extinguishes flames before they can catch hold to threaten a small, rural home.

Both films were shot by Steve Rogers at Revolver.

Says Zara Curtis, acting chief marketing officer, NRMA Insurance: “We’re so proud of all the work we’ve created for NRMA Insurance and the business impact it has driven. We believe the new platform of ‘Until then ’ has the potential to really build on that, stretching right through the business and allowing us to showcase the many things we do as a leading insurer.

“We will use the platform to not only signal our promise to help Australians in the future, but also to share stories of how we help our customers and communities today, and how we’re ensuring they’re better prepared for tomorrow. From our partnership with Minderoo Foundation’s Australian Resilience Corp to our innovative work in enhancing the customer claims experience, we’re here to help.”


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