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NMRC Limited invites E-Bids

With the aim of increasing non-fare revenue, the Noida Metro Rail Corporation Limited has launched two tenders for advertising rights. The first tender issued is for playing Curated Music and Content with commercials at NMRC Stations and Depot through the Public Address system which will be awarded for 24 months. The second tender is for RFP for co-branding rights at Metro Stations in the NMRC Network which will be effective for a period of 10 years.

NMRC has listed the objectives of Co-Branding Rights and Inside Station advertisements which are:

1. To create an advertising environment at Metro Stations that is comparable to the quality of leading mass transit terminals in India and abroad.
2. To provide value to the organization/brands who associate with NMRC.
3. To maximize the revenue potential other than fare box revenue for NMRC and all the parties associated thereof.

The Licensee shall be granted either outdoor advertisement spaces/rights at the selected Metro Station along with Co-Branding Rights (Suffixing or Prefixing of Brand Name with Metro Station Name) or Inside Station Advertisement Rights or both as per their choice and bidding to design, procure/ manufacture, install, manage, operate, maintain, market and sell advertising opportunities. This will be subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement and RFP Document.

The bidder may bid for either Co-Branding Rights along with Outdoor advertisement rights or Inside Station Advertisement Rights or both and can bid for one or multiple Metro Stations as a response to this RFP. As per the news, the applicants for the e-bidding process should have experience in the M&E industry to achieve these tenders. NMRC will shortlist the Bidders on the basis of evaluation criteria mentioned in this RFP Document. On the basis of the minimum evaluation criteria, technically qualified Bidders will be shortlisted and financial proposals of only technically qualified Bidders will be opened.

The Licensee can utilize any format of advertisement including but not limited to backlit panels, scrollers, digital display, etc. as indicated above at the selected Metro Station with prior written approval from NMRC. However, audio advertisement in any form is not permitted and there will be no change in NMRC’s station announcement/train announcement/notification/ inside train name/or any other document due to Co-Branding of the station.

NMRC shall provide maximum display area as tabled below at each of the selected Metro Station and shall include the following considering the operational feasibility of the locations:
1. All feasible spaces including staircases (outside the station building). Any space/advertisement area that falls either outside the station or inside the station will solely be decided by NMRC and it will be binding on the licensee. The licensee cannot make any claim or compensation for this.
2. Smart posters, visual display by electronic media, without audio.
3. Projectors/holography or any other innovative advertisement media.
4. Installation of digital advertising panels in the form of LCD / LED panels, video walls, or any similar format of advertisement, without audio.
5. All under construction/upcoming/future FOBs (if any) will not be part of the co-branding and outdoor advertisement contract, however existing FOB at the time of tender (if any) will be part of the co-branding and Outdoor Advertisement Rights contract.

NMRC has cautioned bidders that any Electronic/Digital media for outdoor advertisement will be permitted subject to conformity with the available statutory guidelines and its amendment from time to time and approval by the metro rail corporation.


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