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Honda’s Latest Campaign Embraces the Essence of Joy – ‘You gotta’ drive it, to get it’

To celebrate the debut of the new CR-V, Honda has introduced #JoyFace. This campaign, coinciding with the celebration of 75 years in the industry, features a fresh video series and a nationwide giveaway featuring Australian comedian Tommy Little. Mushroom Creative House spearheaded the strategy and content campaign, employing a lighthearted approach with humor and entertainment to drive engagement. The focus is on human interaction with the car and talent, spotlighting the prime features and advantages of the all-new CR-V.

“At Honda, joy is at the heart of everything we do, communicating our values and products in a clear and engaging way,” said Belinda Cusworth – general manager of customer experience at Honda Australia.

“Our campaign punchline, ‘You gotta’ drive it, to get it,’ perfectly encapsulates the essence of the #JoyFace campaign, providing customers with an experience of test driving the all-new CR-V that will bring out the joy and dynamic driving experience this vehicle is renowned for.”


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