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Astral Pipes, The Womb & Ranveer Singh give India a new catchphrase “Dadho Sutho” in their new Astral Pipes campaign

Independent creative hot shop The Womb created and conceptualized the latest campaign for Astral Pipes featuring Actor Ranveer Singh. Directed by Amit Sharma, the campaign features Ranveer Singh in a never seen look before 

Kairav Engineer, Vice President, Astral Limited said, “Our objective is to increase consumer involvement and preference for good quality pipes while the purchase decision is made. The average cost of residential plumbing is roughly about 2% of the overall cost of building a house. So, the probable saving here could be minuscule against which the risk is so huge of jeopardizing the entire house. We intend to educate consumers to invest in good quality pipes while spending to make their dream home.”

Heval Patel, Head of Account Management, The Womb, ” In a commoditized, low-involvement category, we were clear that we had to create a preference for Astral Pipes. In our numerous conversations with homeowners and influencers (plumbers/contractors), we understood that while people meticulously plan every aspect of their home interior decors, tiles, furniture, etc., to match lifestyle and status, they inadvertently end up using compromised pipes. As a leading and trusted pipe brand in India, we had to highlight the ill-effects of doing so and eventually make Astral synonymous with quality pipes, hence the phrase ‘Astral Dadho Sutho’.

The challenge was to create a communication that not only stands out but creates conversation amongst the viewers in the low involvement category. 

‘We decided to have the flashy house owner, who has left no stone unturned to make a statement while building his house but chooses ordinary pipes. The playful chemistry between Ranveer and the house owner’s uncle brings flavour to the film and shall connect with our audience. Also, the phrase ‘Dadho Sutho’ has the potential to become part of our daily conversations’, said Akshat Trivedi. Creative Head, The Womb.



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