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Zomato’s latest ad film faces backlash

Food delivery app Zomato is being called out on social media for its new commercial featuring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. The Hrithik ad shows a delivery executive braving the rain to drop a parcel at the actor’s place. Calling him ‘Jadoo’, Hrithik praises the partners for consistently delivering packages in all weather conditions. The star offers to take a selfie with the delivery executive and goes inside the house to get his phone. Just then the notification for another order arrives, and the person has to leave to ensure that his next delivery happens on time.

The ad did not go down well with most viewers. Zomato, which is already facing acute criticism for its treatment of the staff, faced backlash for the messaging in this ad too. Many pointed out that instead of investing on Bollywood celebrities, the company should ensure that its employees are taken care of and should be adequately compensated for working in bad weather conditions.


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