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The Epica Awards says, ‘No Bias, No Excuses’

A set of funny spots from Cloudfactory and Be Sweet Films highlights the explanations agencies come up with when they fail to win a prize. If agencies don’t win an Epica Award, they can’t blame the jury.

The Epica Awards are judged only by journalists, not creatives, so there’s no bias or politics. Jurors can’t even vote for work from their own country. So it’s nothing personal – only the best work wins. The Epica Awards are currently open for entries until October 8.

From the biggest network to the smallest young independent, everyone has a fair shot at winning an Epica Award.

The Epica Awards jury comprises more than 200 journalists from around the world. Senior editors and reporters from the leading trade press titles in over 50 countries are joined by specialist titles in areas like automotive, fashion, photography, production, and technology, voting on categories related to their sectors.

Their common denominator: an objective and unbiased expertise as observers of creativity and innovation.

About Epica Awards

The creative prize judged by journalists, Epica was established in 1987, Epica is unique as it is the only creative prize judged by the press. More than 200 magazines and websites from around the world are on our jury. Epica offers links with and exposure to an unrivaled network of journalists who are specialists in their field, and receives thousands of entries every year from over 70 countries. Epica’s aim is to reward outstanding creativity whether it comes from agencies, media consultancies, PR , marketing or tech firms, production houses, design studios or individual artists, to develop their reputations beyond their national borders.

The Epica Awards were created in 1987 by former ad man Andrew Rawlins. And like the world’s best advertising, Epica sprang out of a great idea. The jury would be recruited not from the advertising industry, but from the trade press. Reporters who spent their lives analyzing and critiquing communications would have a chance to honor creativity in their sector. This was unprecedented. Today, Epica is open to the creative community worldwide and judged by more than 200 journalists from magazines and websites across the globe. Back at the start, the jury was 15 strong and the prizes were presented at the Brussels headquarters of the European Commission.

Entering the Epica Awards gives you access to our network of journalists and a chance to gain extensive PR coverage. Each year, the awards generate a healthy stack of news articles and press clippings. Epica allows your work to be judged by an independent and unbiased jury, whose members combine the objectivity of the public with the critical gaze of experts.

Website for reference- https://www.epica-awards.com/


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