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Start where you are and move forward with Milind Soman in Lifelong’s new movement to fight lazy!

Fight Lazy, conceptualised by Centrick Marketing Solutions LLP, is a movement aimed at driving affinity for Lifelong India Online. This movement is kickstarted with content showcasing a very different side of India’s favourite fitness icon, Milind Soman. It’s a side that is very hard to believe but true. ‘Fight Lazy’, is not about becoming a champion, having the biggest biceps, the broadest chest or the most ripped abs. ‘Fight Lazy’ is simply about starting where you are, and moving forward, pushing yourself to be the fitter you.

Website for reference: https://www.lifelongindiaonline.com/pages/fight-lazy

Roy Menezes – Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Centrick

Detailing about the creative approach, Roy Menezes- Partner and chief creative officer at Centrick, said, “Once you take complexes, competition and emulation out of it, the only thing stopping you from being fitter, is you. To drive participation and engagement with this movement, we will launch a series of films, social media activations, associations and communication inspired by the story of Lifelong fitness ambassador, Milind Soman.”

Prerna Nagpal, Head- Marketing, Lifelong Online Retail

Speaking about the initiative, Prerna Nagpal, head – marketing, Lifelong Online Retail said, “Across most online retail channels, our treadmills, exercise cycles and products from other categories are already bestsellers, commanding a significant market share. We wanted to create a movement to now drive affinity and break the myths about fitness and its challenges. Our study and conversations just highlighted the obvious, the one thing stopping us from being fit, is the person in the mirror. For you to win your fight against laziness, Lifelong has everything you need and everyday So, let’s get together and fight lazy.”

Speaking about the endorsing duties, Milind Soman said, “There’s a Milind you see and may even know. But there’s a Milind who I know and he always says not now, later, or tomorrow. Fighting this lazy me, I ran a little, and then some more. Before I knew it, I was running a marathon. This motivated me to take on the Ironman challenge, and that pushed me to take on Ultra man as a gift to myself. To be fit, you just need to start with small wins. They will push you further. The only thing stopping you, is you.”


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