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Spotify’s latest campaign strikes emotional chord

Conceptualised and executed by Wondrlab company, Spotify, a digital music service platform has unveiled the newest campaign to promote the audio streaming platform’s Premium Family plan.

The light hearted and spirited tone film connects with the viewers. The campaign stems from a simple insight – culturally when a person upgrades anything in India, they try to upgrade their entire family with them. The film shows two different situations, displaying how with Spotify’s Premium Family plan, the protagonist ensures that their family has access to uninterrupted music.

Talking about the creative idea behind the campaign, Amit Akali, founder and chief creative officer, Wondrlab, said, “Every family has that one person who is the ‘expert’ everyone else relies on. The film explores this dynamic and when it comes to music, resolves it for the family. We wanted to keep the film as real as possible, and kudos to Harsha for bringing it alive. Especially the situation of the dad who sings horribly but enthusiastically, I think most Indians can relate to that.”


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