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Social Beat launches #DoNotBackSlide, and does its bit for a better future

Social Beat – one of India’s fastest growing Independent digital marketing agency – recently launched a campaign #DoNotBackSlide on World Environment Day as a reminder to correct our ways and spread awareness to keep our environment clean and healthy.

The idea of the campaign was to encourage sustainable living especially from the purview of the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, as the world reeled under COVID-19 and countries went into lockdown one by one last year, we saw the environment bounce back. We saw cleaner air, clearer water, and less noise pollution. As people were stuck in the midst of the concrete jungle, they heard birds chirping again and saw ducks swimming in the clean water bodies.

As the world heals slowly, it is very easy to revert to old ways as they may seem familiar. But these actions have proven toxic for our environment. Through this social media campaign, we ask people to stop and make a conscious choice to make the world a better place. The social media campaign #DoNotBackSlide, highlights the virulent relationship one has with nature with an appeal to not go back to our toxic ways. The message has been portrayed through one video and 4 static posts that are featured on both Instagram and Facebook.

Detailing about the creative idea behind the campaign, Panisa Shah, Creative Head, Social Beat. “We have chosen the toxic relationship with nature angle for our campaign because it is one, we should be trying to move on from. In life, we tend to go back to what is comfortable and familiar, even if the relationship is not good for our mental and physical well-being. In the same way, moving on to a sustainable lifestyle seems scary and difficult because it seems unfamiliar. Through this campaign, we wanted to remind everyone that a happy environment can only be one that is not shadowed with toxicity and its time we got our act together and say #DoNotBackSlide.”

Commenting on it, Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat. “At a time when we know that our planet’s future depends on sustainability, we each need to do our part to heal the world. We are happy we could leverage the reach of digital media to spread the message.”


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