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#ScoreForTigers- Turning Football Fans into Tiger Fans

Malaysians are among the most passionate football fans in the world. So, in conjunction with Global Tiger Day, WWF and Leo Burnett Malaysia tapped into that passion to mobilise public support for national tiger conservation. “Score For Tigers” has been launched as a TikTok Challenge by Malaysia’s national football team who are themselves known as Harimau Malaya (literally meaning Malayan tiger). In the challenge, players attempt to juggle a football 200 times in solidarity with the less than 200 remaining Malayan tigers in the wild.

Talking about the message behind the campaign, Rozzana Basri, Director of Communications and Marketing, WWF Malaysia: “Community engagement is crucial in what we do to enact change at a policy level. By leveraging football and pop culture, we’re rallying Malaysians everywhere to be part of the conversation on our endangered Harimau Malaya.”

Speaking about the conceptualisation and execution, Iska Hashim, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Malaysia, said, “Score For Tigers kickstarts change one ball at a time. Our hope is that Malaysians start feeling a sense of personal ownership over tigers in the same way they do for their favourite football teams and players.”

Commenting about the music, Oliver Stutz, Executive Creative Director, Two AM Music Global, said, “Knowing that the composition had to work hand in hand with a TikTok challenge opened a completely fresh angle on the creative process for us. This element was in fact a huge part of the inspiration behind the song’s rhythmic and structural style.”


Executive Creative Director: Iska Hashim
Creative Group Head: David HK Tan
Copywriter: Vickknesh Raj
Copywriter: Amin Sharipuddin
Art Director: Stephanie Chiew Li
Account Director: Fitrina Tuty Zaini
Account Manager: Winnie Cheong
AV Producer: Nigel Pinto
Music Video Director: Fara Ghazali
Music + Sound: Two AM Global
Artists: Bunga & Kucaimars


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