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The iconic American shoemaker, in association with 22Feet Tribal Worldwide, one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies, has launched a prototype of what it calls ‘Classic Leather Legacy’ that invites creative artists from around the world to #WriteYourLegacy and help elevate its appeal and brand value.

Global shoe maker and clothier Reebok International, founded in 1958 in Bolton in the US, has launched a new version of Classic Leather, one of its marquee shoes, going back to the 1980s when Reebok’s Classic Leather shoes were first introduced globally.

In a bid to deepen the presence of its latest version, the company has put together a #WriteYourLegacy campaign that invites artists and illustrators from around the globe to build a creative, “future-focussed perspective” around the release. The campaign tagline is ‘Your legacy isn’t what you leave behind, it’s what you create now’. The campaign has reached over 100,000 users organically within 10 days of its launch.

To design and run the campaign, Reebok had hired 22Feet Tribal Worldwide that conceived of the idea writing “one’s own legacy in a compelling and creative way”. The campaign was launched with a ‘Digital Art Slam’ contest announcement by prominent artists and celebrities such as Katrina Kaif, who appealed to the artists to create something that they wanted to be remembered by.

Debashish Ghosh, National Creative Director, 22feet Tribal Worldwide

The campaign story centered on the shoe with over 500 Indian artists participating in the contest. The campaign concluded with the unveiling of the top 10 illustrations on Reebok Classic’s Instagram page while the top three winners got a chance to be featured on the shoemaker’s official page.

Talking about the campaign, Debashish Ghosh, National Creative Director, 22feet Tribal Worldwide, said, “It’s common truth that people value the overall experience a brand offers as much as the product itself. As Reebok Classic Leather Legacy has serious street creds, this initiative to tap into the culture was always meant to happen. The collaboration with popular artists and the larger creative community to tell a story about the iconic shoe using their artwork was exhilarating. They created some beautiful pieces and by the looks of it, pretty much wrote their own legacy.”


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