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Protinex rolls out newest campaign highlighting the importance of strength in everyday life

Protinex, the flagship brand of Danone India, launched a new commercial that highlights the importance of strength in daily life. The TVC was conceptualized by DDB Mudra and draws inspiration from our daily life and demonstrates how declining strength encumbers an individual’s ability to enjoy life with the family.

The TVC portrays the life of an Indian adult who is unable to carry out basic household chores due to tiredness and lack of strength. The TVC culminates with an expert shedding light on muscle loss as one ages and expresses his concern over the declining muscle strength of Indians over 30 years of age.

Sriram Padmanabhan, Marketing Director, Danone India commented, “Protinex is committed to create awareness about Protein. Indians often neglect protein in their diets and the core reason behind this is lack of understanding around adequate protein intake and the pivotal role it plays in helping one lead an active and healthy life. Through this TVC, our intent is to build awareness around the fact that muscle loss can lead to lack of strength, if not addressed appropriately with adequate protein intake and physical activity.”

Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head-West, DDB Mudra, “As someone who was 30 a long time ago, it really shook me up to know about the muscle loss and weakness that starts to creep up on us post thirty years of age. Because it is not outwardly visible, we end up telling ourselves that we don’t feel the tiredness either. Time to acknowledge the need for protein and therefore, for Protinex in our daily lives. Through this TVC we want to bring alive the dilemma grappling Indian adults as they deal with decline in health of their muscles.”


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