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Porche pays tribute to the colorful culture of Thailand via “Dreams In Colours”

This year marks 30 years of Porsche in Thailand. Over the last three decades Porsche has been sharing the sports car dream with the people of Thailand and in turn, Thailand has found a special place in the heart of Porsche. In fact, Bangkok is home to the largest Porsche gathering in Southeast Asia, Das Treffen – German for “The Meeting”, where every generation of Porsche cars as well as a diverse community made up of fans of all ages come together. The 7th Edition of the highly anticipated gathering was held in January and kicked off the year of celebrations.

To commemorate this special anniversary, Porsche Asia Pacific has unveiled a campaign that resonates deeply with the people of Thailand. With the campaign platform, “Dreams in Colours”, Porsche pays homage to the significance of colours in Thai culture together with the dreams that reflect enduring passion. The aim of the campaign is to celebrate the dreamers of Thailand based on their individual colours and personal aspirations.

From its vibrant people to its diverse landscapes, Thailand possesses an inimitable, vivid character. Colour is literally part of daily life. While other cultures may emphasise the date of a person’s birth, in Thailand the day of the week a person is born is also very important. Each day of the week represents a specific colour and it is considered among the Thai people that the colour of the day they were born on is their lucky charm.

For Porsche, a love affair with colours has existed since the beginning. Bright, vibrant, restrained or understated – Porsche paint colours have always distinguished its iconic cars.

“Being driven by dreams has always been a central tenet for Porsche, and we know that the beauty of dreams comes from their infinite possibilities. With this campaign, we want to celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of dreamers against the backdrop of the vivid colourscape that Thailand is so renowned for” said Yannick Ott, Marketing Director, Porsche Asia Pacific.

Central to the campaign is a film directed by Bangkok-born filmmaker Morvasu. A well-known figure in the creative community in Thailand, he has received international recognition including awards from the Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia and AdFest. The brand film tells the story of a father’s dream to see his daughter succeed and a daughter’s endeavour to find her own path to fulfilment. A story that shows dreams are a kaleidoscope of colours.

“Creativity is inherent to culture. Especially one that is as rich and vibrant as that of Thailand. With the “Dreams in Colours” campaign, we were able to honour a timeless tradition through the lens of an iconic brand, in a way that celebrates those who are driven by dreams.” commented Sidhaesh Subrah, Managing Director, Keko Singapore.

The 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition Highlight Car is the encapsulation of Dreams in Colours brought to life in the physical form. It is a one-of-a-kind car painted in all seven colours represented by the days of the week.

The 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition cars are featured in a series of images as part of the campaign at iconic locations across Thailand. From the bustling streets of Bangkok’s Chinatown and the serene Phang Nga Bay to the historic site of Ayutthaya and more. The rollout of the Dreams in Colours campaign is brought to life further with large scale digital OOH placements in Bangkok. The Highlight Car is currently being showcased at the Bangkok International Motor Show until April 2nd, 2023.


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