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Pond’s plays on emotions in its latest ‘Googly Woogly Wooksh’

Beauty and heath care products major Pond’s has harked back to its old tagline ‘Googly Woogly Wooksh’ with an emotional twist in its latest ad film. Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai, Pond’s Cold Cream’s ad features amd celebrates the relationship of a grandfather and a granddaughter.

The ad film titled ‘Bhoolna Naamumkin’ (Impossible to forget) features a ageing patient of dementia who lives alone with a helper. His granddaughter decides to pay him a visit to find out that he was struggling with loss of memory and couldn’t recognize anyone anymore.

The grandchild is heartbroken but she gathers courage, puts on a smile, and goes in to greet him. She calls him endearingly, “Daadu” and he asks, “Who is it?” The reality hits her but she takes it upon herself to gently jog his memory about the good old days.

She finds old photographs and tries to take him down memory lane but to little avail. So she turns to the sense of touch hoping it might stimulate his memories. Grandfather pulls her cheeks and says “Googly Woogly Wooksh”.

The lyrics go on “I am confident that I would find you. I trust that you are somewhere here around me. Googly woogly wooksh.”

The background amplifies our emotions and emotional memories most people have shared with their grandparents in the course of growing up. 

Pond’s first used ‘Googly woogly wooksh’ in 2009. In a take on the blockbuster Bollywood movie, ‘Dilwale’, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, Pond’s collaborated with the two actors to reprise another version of the ad.


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