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Omnicom Media Group India launches the OMG Digital Bootcamp

Omnicom Media Group (OMG), India, one of the world’s leading forward-thinking media and communications agencies, has announced the launch of its first-ever OMG Digital Bootcamp, a four-week, full-time intensive learning program designed to provide a launchpad to aspiring digital marketers looking to kick start their career in digital marketing.

The program aims to nurture homegrown potential in digital capabilities, empower growth and development while attracting talent for the future. To enable a holistic and well-rounded learning curve for the Digital Ninjas in training, the program has been curated in conjunction with upskilling partners, Results & Outcomes – an e-learning platform, conceptualized by domain experts, with rich experience across Technology, Media, Content, Marketing, Communications and Monetization.

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Kartik Sharma, Group CEO, Omnicom Media Group, India

Speaking of this new initiative, Kartik Sharma, Group CEO, Omnicom Media Group, India, said, “Progress and purpose are always at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that wherever learning thrives, so do people. One of the ways we have decided to support this is by nurturing budding talent in-house. In an industry where we are often faced with the challenge of onboarding entry-level aspirants in the digital ecosystem, we paused to take a hard look at how we could empower talent in-house and set them up for success within our agencies, thereby empowering business growth in the long run. This Bootcamp is one of the ways in which we have decided to support present and future talent, in-house, by enhancing their digital proficiency.”

India - Omnicom Media Group
Anju Kurien, Talent Director, Omnicom Media Group, India

The initiative aims to address challenges faced by the talent on the tech front, especially for fresh graduates. “Our industry is rapidly pivoting to digital systems and processes. But the digitally adept talent constitutes only 12% of India’s total workforce. Building a customized program like this not only builds national capacity but also highlights our people-first approach to the needs and experience of our teams within the organization. It’s an exciting time for us as we work towards enhancing our learning curve and empowering our employees, both present and future, by strengthening their digital proficiency”, said Anju Kurien, Talent Director, Omnicom Media Group, India.

According to the Amazon Web Services Report (2021), India’s demand for digital workers is likely to shoot up nine times by 2025. Despite many surveyed company leaders across different sectors stating that they faced challenges in filling positions requiring specific digital skills such as data analytics (with these vacancies costing billions of dollars annually), more than half of survey respondents felt that educational institutions did not reflect updated digital skill needs.

Bharat Khatri, Chief Digital Officer, Omnicom Media Group, Asia Pacific

Bharat Khatri, Chief Digital Officer, Omnicom Media Group, Asia Pacific, commenting on the launch of this growth-oriented initiative, said “With the maturation of data and marketing strategies and our businesses pivoting further towards technological innovations, OMG’s Digital Bootcamp aims to address the challenges we face on the tech front, like setup and execution. By curating a four-week learning program that has been customized to our requirements, we look forward to creating an agile workforce of digital ninjas. Selected entrants can expect a future-ready learning program that has been designed to fast-track their careers in digital marketing.”

Anand Chakravarthy, Co-Founder, Results & Outcomes, believes that “With 2.5 million digital jobs set to be created over the next 5 years, the need for ‘ready for business’ talent is critical for organizations. With rapid digitalization, it is imperative to rethink learning and how upskilling should be delivered. Results & Outcomes is pleased to collaborate with OMG India to curate and deliver an application-oriented and hands-on, progressive digital learning program delivered by domain experts – experienced professionals who themselves have run digital campaigns for years.”

The OMG Digital Bootcamp is expected to kick start in the second week of October and is accepting applications from freshers with a bachelor’s degree in any engineering field (B.E), BCA, or from the Statistics, Economics, Business Administration and Advertising streams. Aspirants can visit https://bit.ly/3kOpvFg or write to the Omnicom team at digital.bootcamp@omnicommediagroup.com to apply for it.


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