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Olay highlights skincare rituals with Tara Sutaria

Olay, the American skincare brand owned by Procter & Gamble has rolled out a new campaign with Tara Sutaria. Recently, the brand signed Sutaria as the face of its premium skincare range across serums and moisturizers.

The ad shows Sutaria, exhausted from her long day, collapsing into the couch when the photographer requests a final shot. Her instant relatable hand-on-face reaction shows how she too is conscious of how her skin may look after a tiring day; however, she sees her skin glowing with radiance. Sutaria smiles as she realises the secret behind this– the Olay #PowerDuo with the power active Niacinamide. Through this message, the brand underscores the lasting effect of a good skincare routine and encourages young women to be worry-free and #GlowUp with confidence.

Tara Sutaria Announced as Brand Ambassador for Olay India
Rohini Venkateswaran, Vice-President, Olay India

Speaking about the campaign, Sutaria said, “I believe growing up is an exciting phase of life and that really encourages us to look at what is important. While there will always be challenging days and great ones, for me, a little self-care goes a long way. It could be as simple as a skincare routine or listening to music. Adding the Olay Power Duo to my morning skincare routine helps make my skin look fresh even after a long day. I would like to encourage more women to Glow Up and own your round-the-clock radiance with Olay.”

Detailing about the idea behind the campaign, Rohini Venkateswaran, vice president, Olay India, said, “At Olay across the world, we have always put the skin needs of women first. Women today are fearlessly chasing their dreams and are unstoppable. With our new campaign, we want young women to seize the day and Glow Up with the Olay Power Duo by their side. As a brand dedicated to always offering the best for women, we truly hope that this brings our consumers closer to owning their glow inside out, especially as they step into taking on the world with the multiple roles they play.”


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