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Nestlé India unveils ‘Bachchon se badhkar kuch nahi’ campaign for GERBER cereal

Nestlé India has launched the globally renowned brand GERBER® for toddlers with an advertising campaign that highlights its global commitment to nutrition for more than 90 years.

“The ad film showcases that just like parents will go to any length to ensure that their child is happy and strong, GERBER® – for decades now – has also been dedicated to providing the best nutrition to the little ones. Because just like parents, the brand also believes that ‘Bachchon se badhkar kuch nahi’,” stated the brand.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Vineet Singh, Head – Nutrition Business, Nestlé India, said, “Just like the pioneering mother who started the GERBER® brand, our tasty toddler cereals are aimed at the mothers who are highly discerning and well informed about the latest in nutrition recommendations as well as quality of different brands. This mother will not settle for anything but the best in class, good quality, innovative nutrition for her child. Nestlé India is perfectly placed to cater to these caring and pioneering mums with the launch of GERBER® Cereals with Powerblend®: an offering customized to the nutrition needs of Indian toddlers, benefitting from over 90 years of nutritional expertise.”

Elaborating on the brand campaign, Piyush Pandey, Chairman Global Creative & Executive Chairman India, Ogilvy, added, “‘Bachchon se badh kar kuch nahi’, it’s not a line of a copywriter, it’s a line which will make every mother in the world say, ‘I wrote this.’ That’s why it aptly sums up everything that the brand believes in and has been doing across the world before it came to India. In this campaign we wanted to tell mothers that we are here to partner them, that we understand the kind of uncompromising effort they put in to bring up their kids. And as a brand GERBER® puts in equal amount of effort to make sure that they bring the very best nutrition, for the little ones, to the table. And they go great lengths to ensure that it happens”


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