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Natural Light expands by introducing Vodka to market

Natural Light has broadened its footprints into the market by introducing Vodka. For decades, Natural Light existed in a very specific niche: an inexpensive light beer, typically for people looking to purchase in bulk for home (or party) consumption. But like many brands looking to grab hold of modern drinkers’ short attention spans, in the past few years, Natty Light has rapidly broadened its horizons — starting with its strawberry lemonade iteration Naturdays back in 2019 before further venturing into things like hard seltzers and even boozy ice pops.

Natural Light Releases Flavored Vodka | Food & Wine
Credit- Natural Light
Natural Light Just Dropped A Line Of Lemonade Vodkas To Make Your Naturdays  Even Boozier
Credit- Natural Light

Natural Light Vodka — which clocks in at a relatively low at 30 percent ABV — arrives in three flavors: Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Black Cherry Lemonade. And as for the taste, Natty only had this to say about their “easy-to-drink and flavor-forward” new booze: “Natural Light Vodka is so shockingly delicious, the brand is guaranteeing you’ll love it, or your money back!” Yup, the offer varies by state, but Natty says if you don’t love your Natural Light Vodka, you can submit your receipt by September 13 for a refund.

Daniel Blake - Group VP Marketing, Budweiser & Value - Anheuser-Busch InBev  | LinkedIn
Daniel Blake, group VP of Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch

Daniel Blake, group VP of Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch, said in the announcement, “Natural Light is constantly looking to innovate to meet the evolving flavor preferences of our fans. Nothing is off the table. Flavored vodka is one of the fastest growing segments in spirits, and we knew Natty was the brand to show up to the party with a great tasting offering to set us apart. We’re such believers in the taste of Natty Vodka, we’ll guarantee you’ll love it or you get money back!”

Natty Vodka will be sold in 750-milliliter bottles and 50-milliliter mini-bottles. The rebate offer is up to $14.99 for a 750-milliliter bottle which gives you an idea of the price you should expect to be paying for a bottle. It just goes to show you that though Natural Light might be expanding beyond beer, they’re still looking to remain an inexpensive option regardless of the product.

About Natural Light

Introduced in 1977, Natural Light was Anheuser-Busch’s first reduced-calorie light beer, instantly becoming a hit. In 1995, Natural Ice debuted, featuring a higher ABV that quickly made it America’s best-selling ice beer. In 2008, Natural Light shocked the world, taking bronze at the World Beer Cup for “American-style light lager”. With that honor in pocket, Natural Light went into orbit in 2011, becoming the first beer in space. Currently, Natural Light is one of America’s best-selling light beer brands.

Website for reference- https://www.naturallight.com/


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